Father’s Day at Last

Today felt like my first real Father’s Day. I know that Ella is almost 2 and really I’ve gone through all of this before; first Mother’s Day, first Christmas, etc. This time around though is so much different. Now that she’s walking, talking (in her own gibberish sort of toddler way), and begging for me to play with her (which I love doing of course), it all seems so much more special.

When she gave me her card that she made at daycare, I gushed and gave her a huge hug and kiss and started her giggling and grinning. When I searched the house for my Father’s Day present, carefully following the clues Mommy Rimes had laid out for me, I carried her and we excitedly giggled and laughed when we found each of the three quite humorous bath-time photos of her (hair all spiked up from shampoo). And to reach the end of my search, to find a wonderfully framed photo of her from the beach last year made my heart melt.

I know that I’ve used just about every cliche I can for showing my affection, so I’ll just leave it at “I’m a very happy man today.” I felt very loved, and in return it made me want to love both my wife and my child even more. I hope that every father out there today had some small moment in which to share their love for the children or child.

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