Piggy’s Adventures in Paris; day 1

piggy in window

Piggy and I arrived safely in Paris yesterday. This is Piggy Pie in the window of our hotel room.

Piggy would have liked to get a picture in the Yellow Van and our hour and half trip into Paris from the airport, but I was too terrified by the driving to get out my camera.

piggy on muffetard

After a short nap and some sustenance (a cheese sandwich-yum!) we took a walk down Rue de Muffetard (pronounced Moof-tar).  A beautiful street with incredible buildings.  We walked about and found some yummy places to stop for dinner.

piggy eating dinner

We ate beef in burgundy sauce with green beans and carrots for dinner. Piggy tried some rice and liked it.  I had a salad with goat cheese before this.  Wow, what a dinner.  I spent my entire day’s allowance on dinner, but I figured it was worth it to have at least one nice meal while here!

I’d love to stay and chat, but I need to go find some lunch now! Then it’s off to Musee D-Orsay.

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