Is 5th Anniversary Arachnids?

It’s our 5th wedding anniversary today, and to celebrate Nicole gets to tour through Paris; the city of Love, seeing fabulous art, and partaking in the best of European cuisine

I get to eat a couple of hot dogs and go work 8 hours at the book store.

Not one to be bitter, I went out this past Monday and did something I’ve been meaning to do for about a year now. At last year’s Krasl artfair Nicole wanted a nice piece of outdoor art. Our financial situation at the time was not great, so we settled on a small decorative outdoor metal scultpture. We took it home, Nicole eager to hang her pretty spider out in the garden. I took one look at the hanger, decided it needed to be adjusted, and promptloy broke the metal rod from the sculpture, making it useless.

Now I tried to solder it back on, but it wouldn’t take, and thus it lay on the kitchen counter for almost a year. As a small token of “I should have had this done earlier” I took the sculpture to a small welding shop this week, and now it hangs from the front porch, ready to dazzle visitors with our art savvy :)


P.S. Please pardon the quality of the image…our point and click digital camera is on death’s door :(

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