Catching Up

The last couple of weeks have been spent catching up on everything around the house, recovering from jet lag, eating my weight in fruit, and perusing all the pictures from France.  There’s a few I didn’t get a chance to share, what with the homecoming and writing 3 papers all due next Tuesday.

There’s a couple of gargoyles from Notre Dame (I walked up all 422 steps to the very top), a view from the North Tower of Notre Dame, various art work from The Pompidou Center, Sacre Couer on top of Montmartre, and a little book shop called Shakespeare and Co.

The book store was quite fun.  I returned my copy of “The English Patient,” which had a stamp from Charlotte Michigan in it, and bought a copy of Victor Hugo’s “Notre Dame de Paris” (in English) and got a stamp from them. Very exciting.  It’s the only English book store in Paris, and is actually run by George Whitman, Walt’s grandson.  He wasn’t there that day, but that’s ok.  It’s a quaint little place stacked floor to ceiling with books.  There are cute little cubbies with chairs in which to read, and little office spaces with desks and typewriters if you care to work on your novel while traveling in Paris.

I had better get back to that paper, another 6 pages and I should be finished…

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