Tea Party

On the first full day here in Switzerland, I got to attend a tea party. Not a terribly fancy affair, but all in attendance were required to speak with British accents. Why? Because the party itself had been planned by children. The instructors are blessed enough to have their families here with them in Geneva, and when their children aren’t playing video games or reading, they’re using their creative energies to plan tea parties, complete with construction paper doilies.

It was a lot of fun, and I even won a raffle. My prize; a 2 franc tea cup that had been purchased earlier at a flea market in town. Pictures of piggie at the flea market enjoying a nutella crepe, and hanging out with some puppet friends, as well as the tea party are all below.

OH! And check out the cool night time/day time shots of the bell tower from the church at the end of our road. I’ll have to get the name before I leave.

2 thoughts on “Tea Party

  1. What an awesome trip you are having Daddy Rimes. What fantastic opportunities you and Mommy Rimes both have had!!

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