Piggie at the U.N.

Yes, yes, it’s been a few days since I posted last, and my apologies are most sincere. As much as some of my photos may suggest, I am working very hard on coding and webpage development. The amount of work we’ve put in on video production, Ruby on Rails development, and other learning is intense, and many people are up working past midnight on their homework.

Yesterday though, we had a break in order to visit the United Nations offices here in Geneva. Don’t be fooled though; by offices they mean a large 5 story building that would easily consume a couple of football fields. I don’t have pictures from the outside yet (we weren’t allowed to photos in certain areas), but what I do have I’d love to offer for your viewing pleasure.

Why were we at the U.N. you might ask? It wasn’t for sight seeing. The emphasis of my master’s program is global awareness, advocacy, and activism via technology. So we went to the U.N. to meet with a few NGOs. We met with the director of WFUNA, the World Federation of United Nations Associations, which represents over 100 non-governmental organizations around the world. It’s sort of like the umbrella organization for United Nations Associations and offices around the world. I then had an opportunity to meet with some higher ups with Unicef here at their Geneva offices. Very amazing and wonderful people to talk to, and really puts a human face on these large multi-national organizations.

So without further ado, here are pictures from piggie’s adventures at the U.N. in Geneva!

2 thoughts on “Piggie at the U.N.

  1. What a great opportunity! Travel is best for expanding horizons and opening your mind to new ideas and culture… seems like you’re making the best of it!

  2. It’s not really by choice; it’s all part of my classes…but I would have gone to the U.N. even without the requirement :)

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