Piggie Visits a Castle

This past Thursday we had our very first official “field trip” from class, and actually got to do some sight-seeing during what would have been time for project and video development. After a morning of Ruby on Rails development, we loaded onto a tour bus for Annecy, France, a city that appears to be the ice cream capital of France. Every other shop in the old town was an ice cream parlor or stand, filled with the most amazing flavors (Banana was my favorite). Before heading down to the city however, we stopped at the Chateau de Menthon, a castle high atop a hill overlooking Lake Annecy, and conicidentally enough, the birthplace of St. Bernard Menthon, who was responsible for breeding and popularizing the St. Bernard breed of dog to help traders and travelers through the high mountain passes.

Piggie and I thoroughly enjoyed ourselves, eating far too much ice cream, delicious muscles (which I had never had before, but will now gladly eat again), and discovered a candy store that sold the most amazing looking lollipops.

3 thoughts on “Piggie Visits a Castle

  1. Nice. No pictures of the armor inside? I don’t think I had enough ice cream while I was in France, definitely. Want to bring some back for me? :)

  2. We weren’t allowed to take photos in the castle, so unfortunately no suits of armor. However, I did get to see some fantastic artwork and tapestries. One piece of art was so old it predated the Renaissance.

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