Munk Hunting


I am a ferocious hunter!!! Wee Beasties of the Backyard-Fear Me! For I will not rest until you are brought down! That means you, Mr. Wee Chipmunk who is looking for a mate.  Yeah you! You, eater of my strawberry plants.  Destroyer of my Roma Tomatos.  You shall not continue to vex me with your early morning chirping any longer!

For I have opposable thumbs and peanut butter!!


Don’t let those beady little eyes fool you.  He really is a noisy little beastie who hunted for a mate at the early morning hour of 6 am!  Right outside my bedroom window!  And he ate ALL my strawberries until nothing but limp little plants remained.  Not even my impatiens were safe from this itty bitty destructo.

Alas, I am not so cruel as to capture you in a rat trap.  Or even to hunt you with a pellet gun.  No, I am nice and have captured you in a live trap so that you can spread your chirping and strawberry eating elsewhere.  Like the ravine on the other side of the river, far from my home.  I wish you well and a long happy Munk life.


But not under my bedroom window, buddy.

2 thoughts on “Munk Hunting

  1. Huzzah!

    For she’s a jolly good lady, for she’s a jolly good lady, for she’s a jolly good lady, which nobody can deny!

    Nice work Mommy!

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