In Case You’re Wondering Why I’m in Geneva…

So it just occurred to me that many people had no idea what exactly I was going to Geneva to do, and now that I’m coming to the end of my residency, I actually have something to show off :)

For the past 2 and a half weeks, we’ve been working on our web coding abilities, video production skills, and pedagogical understanding of the impact of games and simulations on education. The ultimate goal is to change the world….but the more realistic goal is to create an application or project that will begin to connect learners from around the world, and either engage them through awareness or activism.

The project my partner and I are putting together is tentatively titled “Act Now”, and I thought the “pitch video” was worth showing with everyone. Sorry for the tiny size, but I hope you enjoy it.

Bear in mind this is just the pitch video, and the website itself is being developed as I type this, by my partner Kira and myself. We think we’ve really hit on something great, and we’re going to be presenting this as a potential partnership to WFUNA (World Federation of United Nations Associations).

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