Tragedy! And Celebrations!

Eegads!  My camera is spending some time at the Camera Doctor.  It decided it only wanted to take pictures when it wanted to, which is not helpful when snapping photos of your child at the top of the climbing wall.

The good news is that we have a brand new little itty bitty Canon with which to take shots while my lovely SLR is out (for 2-4 weeks!) I would love to show you what this new camera looks like, but it can’t take a photo of itself.  And I don’t have a second camera to take a picture of it.  Maybe I’ll figure out some time-space continuum where I can take a photo of the camera with the camera.

Hopefully, tomorrow we will be back in business with some pictures!

For now, Ben and I are having a date night in Mishawaka at the Blues Festival.   Miss R is going to visit William and his mom while we go, so it’s a for real, actual, Mommy and Daddy only adult date night.  Which may be our only date night before school starts this year (one more week! ACK!) so we are going to enjoy it!

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