Bee in Her Bonnet

We went to the park the other day.  It was the last time we’ll go to the park for a while, I think. (At least this one)

It started off like this…


A climb up the wall.  One of Miss R’s favorite activities.  As I was playing with the new camera, I heard, “Mommy!”  Followed by, “AHHHHHH!”


I ran over (not an easy task at 6 months pregnant) to find my little girl falling down the back side of the climbing wall as she’s swatting away a horde of bees she disturbed at the top.  There were several moments of panic as I realized 1) I couldn’t pick her up and carry her home, and 2) Daddy was out running errands and couldn’t come pick her up and carry her home.

She was a real trooper though and managed to stop crying long enough for me to check her out (several stings on her forehead, one on her lip and one on her thumb) and she even gathered up her courage for a bike ride back home. We were only a couple of blocks from home, but I was worried about all that swelling.


We got home just fine, and with some ice packs and Sesame Street, she was back to the hard business of being a preschooler in no time.  The swelling went right down and except for 5 little puncture marks, she looks just like normal.  No more swelling, and no allergic reactions.  Thank goodness. She was such a trooper.  But now, we can’t convince her to go play at the park again.  She will go outside in the backyard with a lot of coaxing, but the park is definitely out.  I’m sure she’ll get over it in a week or two.

Oh, and because you haven’t seen me in awhile, that’s not a pillow Miss R is laying on.


That’s her little brother.

3 thoughts on “Bee in Her Bonnet

  1. awww my poor little munchkin. Brave little girl for making it back home without anyone carrying her back. Better than what would’ve happened if that were her Auntie ;)

  2. Poor girl… sounds pretty traumatic. Good thing she wasn’t allergic. The picture of the two of you is very sweet.

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