A Great Big Bug


Look at what was waiting for me on the back door this week.  It’s a Praying Mantis.  I had no idea these things existed in Michigan.

He (or she, I suppose) was really cool and just hung out while I took pictures and admired him (or her?).  Miss R wasn’t too thrilled about it being so close, but I thought it was awesome to get such an up close look at such a big bug.


This isn’t the best picture to get an accurate sizing, the glass sort of distorted where the bug was, but he could have easily sat in the palm of my hand and filled it up.  Nature is so cool

3 thoughts on “A Great Big Bug

  1. I see them all the time, especially around this time of year.

    Last year I saw a gold looking one at a gas station. It was probably about the size of your thumb though. Pretty little bugs :)

  2. Yes, I’ve had a few around my place too. They are pretty cool when they start “walking” … “Walking Stick” is an old name for them.

    But here, with the flooding from a few weeks back we are swarmed with moquitoes. Hard to get outside at all. : (

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