Tea Party!

Being 33 weeks pregnant means you gotta get up in the middle of the night.  It’s a rule somewhere I think.  Most nights, I get up around midnight and am able to sleep again until the alarm goes off around 6.

The other night, I made it all the way until 3 am.  When I woke up, with the usual feelings of being too big, uncomfortable, having to use the bathroom, and not being able to sleep on my tummy, etc., I heard a noise.  I was pretty certain it was the bunny in her cage nibbling on some of her toys.  I roll out of bed and head for the bathroom.  Upon passing Miss R’s room, I see her little light is on.

“Well, isn’t that funny.  I thought we turned that off.”  Opening the door, I hear:

“Hi MOMMY!!! Want to have a Tea Party!”

Shock. Total and utter shock.

“Miss R, what are you doing up? It’s not morning yet.”

“I wanted to have a tea party. Look, it’s all ready.”

How do you get a 4 year old to understand that it’s 3 am, it’s dark outside, and it’s not morning yet when she has to get up every morning in the dark to get ready for school?  There were definitely tears when she realized that I was putting her back to bed instead of having some ice cream and tea, but once there, she passed out pretty quickly.

Once 10 am rolled around and I was getting used to sleeping on only 7 hours (it doesn’t sound impressive, but when you are this pregnant, you need all 8 and then some) it became so funny.  I totally remembered getting up really early one morning when I was little to play with my Pony’s and their castle. My mom found me the exact same way.  Up and playing and happy as a clam.  Guess it runs in the family.

4 thoughts on “Tea Party!

  1. For a minute, I thought Miss R was getting into POLITICS!!

    Ah yes, I remember putting a bowl and a spoon down low where you could reach; and putting some milk in a small pitcher in the refrig so that you could get up early and be independent. : ) Of course, you found that eating the cereal directly from the box was perfectly fine while sitting on your sit & spin.

    And, I recall a certain Aunt that burned a shirt? by hanging it over her bedside light (trying to dim her light so that no one knew she was AWAKE!!!)

  2. it wasn’t a shirt – it was my blanket :P

    I can’t help it if I have to finish the WHOLE book in one night!

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