Peanut Butter Cups

You know what is more frightening than a group of 8 year old boys in skeleton costumes?

A four year old that wants candy before noon.

It’s the day after Halloween, and all through the house, little girls are screaming, “I WANT SOME CANDY!”  Yup, this year, the candy monster has struck.  Bright and sunshiney early (thank you daylight savings time) little Miss R was up and ready for breakfast.  What did she want for breakfast? A mini Reeses peanut butter cup.  I don’t blame her, the bowl was sitting out and that pretty gold wrapper looked so appealing. Even I wanted a breakfast sugar pick me up.

I finally got her convinced that she can pick out 3 pieces of candy to eat today, and once its gone, that’s it, no more! She saved them until after her nap.  I was quite proud of her.

In other Halloween news: I did not actually get a picture of Miss R in her costume-it was much too cold for Red Wolves here yesterday, so most of her costume was under a winter coat and mittens, and by the time we got back home she had stripped out of it and managed to get into her Tinkerbell costume before I could even pick up the camera.  So instead of costumes, I present you with….knitting!

I know, it’s so totally not the same thing.

wrist warmers

These are some wrist warmers I made, based loosely on Vickie Howell’s Alice Wristwarmers pattern. I’m so in love with this yarn that I may have to go out and get some more of it.  Like a lot more.  Plus the color is simply fantastic how it swirls and doesn’t pool or stripe.

These will go into my Holiday knitting basket, and may just go to my midwife who almost always wears something blue.

Baby Watch ’09: 22 Days and counting.  The baby is dancing and doesn’t wish to leave my belly yet.

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