Tiny Dancer


Ok, she’s not so tiny, but “Tall Skinny Dancer” just didn’t have the same sound to it.

Miss R has been taking dance lessons for a couple of months now.  She and a few other 4 year olds get together and do ballet and tap once a week.  They stretch, they learn First and Second Position, they plie, and they TAP.

Last night was visitors night, so we got to sit in on her lesson.  Usually, we wait in the waiting room that has a little monitor and watch her from there.  But on visitors night, we sat on the dance floor(no shoes!) and got to watch our little ones twirl and shuffle away.


She definitely loves her class.

Grampa even made her a little dance floor for our house.  It’s a 3 foot square of leftover hardwood flooring from a neighbor’s house.  He varnished it and painted the edges.  It’s totally great!

I’ll try to get a video up of her actually tapping sometime.  If you turn your speakers up all the way and sit really close, you can get about half the volume of what it’s really like to sit in a room with 4 little girls tapping their feet.

Baby Watch 09: 18 days to go.  Not only am I not sleeping well, but Ben keeps elbowing me in the face at night to ensure that I really don’t get any sleep. I think he’s trying to get me ready for being up all night with the baby.

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