A Random Friday Post

Today is a totally random sort of day.

Thing the First:


These are our pumpkins from Halloween.  Miss R picked them out.  As a friend mentioned when she visited, “Oh my Goodness! Those are perfect! They look just like you!”  Can you pick out whose pumpkin is whose here?

Thing the Second:

I felted a bowl.


This delightful little object began life as a cowl before it was felted in the wash.  Then it got a crocheted circle bottom and voila! A new life for a useless object. It made me happy.

Thing the Third:

It’s Friday.  That makes me happy.

Thing the Fourth:

Got a flu shot today.

Thing the Fifth:

I ate a chocolate chip cookie with milk for desert.

Thing the Sixth:

I am going to be going to bed soon.

Baby Watch 09: 17 days to go.  Got a flu shot today.  Yippee.

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