Just another Saturday

Today was one of those lovely days where we did a whole lot, but not really much of anything.

We (and I use the term loosely here) raked leaves in the backyard.  Then I went off to get my toes done with Aunt Sara since I can’t see them now to paint them.  They are a delightful shade of baby boy blue.  Then we went to Curious Kids Museum after lunch where Miss R met up with her friend CK and her sister PK.  They had a blast running around picking apples, doing crafts, and playing in the nuclear reactor.  Daddy went off to the movies with Uncle Paul. The girls all went to dinner with the K family at Tim’s Too.  It was definitely an adventure to have 3 little girls at dinner. Then Miss R and I came home and watched Tinkerbell before bed.

It was very busy and crazy while we were doing things, but we never really felt rushed to get everything accomplished. Which is really nice with the little one on the way.  Miss R is going to be an only child for just about 2 more weeks.  We’re trying to enjoy some time with her before we get caught up in sleeping and feeding the little one.

Baby Watch 09: 16 days left.  Doctor’s appointment went well yesterday.  Donut is moving around and trying to break out through my belly button-which is now officially an outtie.

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