A Very Chill Sunday

Another great do-nothing day.

I actually started the day by sleeping through church.  I got up around 5 am, again, and was very busy.  I knit on a hat, watched a movie on hulu (anyone remember The Phantom? way bad…), washed bottles, found some more baby items, and generally puttered around the kitchen until everyone else got up around 7:30.  Had some breakfast, did more baby prep stuff, and promptly laid down in bed at 9.  By the time I woke up around 11, Ben and Miss R were coming through the door.

baby gear

But, since I did get an early nap, I was back to baby stuff in the afternoon. This is what the baby area looks like currently.  WE have the bassinet in our room to help with midnight feedings for now.  Of course, we’ll find a place for the diapers and clothes in the next week or two-at least I hope!

I also managed to do some Christmas shopping this afternoon.  What?! It’s not even Thanksgiving, I’m not sure what’s wrong with me.  But there it is.  I picked up a bunch of fun little items for Operation Christmas Child where we fill up a shoebox to send to some child who would otherwise not have anything fun and exciting for Christmas.  That triggered other ideas, and I just had a great time shopping.  Now I’ll just have to remember who all I’ve bought for already, and then remember where I’ve hidden them.  The second might be trickier than the first as I’m shopping with Mommy Mush Brain in full effect and will probably not remember 10 minutes from now, let alone a whole month.

While I was busy with all this, Ben and Miss R were outside raking leaves.

I’d love to post pictures, but I have no idea where the camera went.  Mommy Mush Brain strikes again.

Baby Watch 09: 15 days to go.  If anyone else touches my (incredibly sensitive, sticking out) belly button, I may have to duct tape their fingers together. Grouchy, who me?

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