Found It!

The camera that is.  Don’t ask where it was.  It just suddenly showed up.  It wasn’t there, then it was. I think my husband is trying to make me think I’m losing my mind.

Anyway, here are leaf raking pictures from this weekend!


Yes, they are raking the driveway, but I couldn’t find the camera when they were raking the rest of the yard.  So this is what you get.  Don’t complain. And Miss R IS in a t-shirt.  It was very pleasant outside, almost 65, so rather than argue, I told her she had to run around to keep warm and she didn’t have to wear a sweater.


Here she is showing off her raking skills.  And a scarf I made.  It stayed on for all of 2 minutes while I took pictures. Then off it came, being thrown in my general direction with a “here Mommy!” as she ran off to rake more leaves.


Here’s a close up of the cheesy child and the scarf.  The scarf is a simple bulky knit garter stitch monstrosity that will be going to the church bazaar for Christmas gifts.  It’s a quite vibrant display of rainbow colors on a black background.  I’m sure some pre-teen girl will fall in love with it and demand the $5 it will cost her to purchase it.  She may even give it to a friend as a gift.  Ahh, the holidays.

Baby Watch 09: 13 days to go.  That is all.

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