I don’t feel like writing today

I’m tired. I have heartburn. The baby has the hiccups. My feet don’t fit in shoes. My hair needs to be cut. My daughter is crawling on the floor and mewing like a kitty (only much louder and squeakier). And I have no idea what to do for dinner.

But on the other hand, at least I’m not expecting twins.

Baby Watch 09: 12 days to go. Went to the baby class at the hospital and was disappointed to find out that little folks are being banned from the hospital due to all the ickies out there. Which means Miss R will miss out on seeing her brother in the first day or two.

3 thoughts on “I don’t feel like writing today

  1. I think a video of Miss R’s baby brother might be a nice thing if she cannot be there.

  2. You’re right about the twins! My niece had twins, delivered 3 weeks early and still measured out at “52 weeks” in girth. Imagine that!

    Hope you’re still able to steal some moments of not being totally uncomfortable! Hang in there!

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