You’ve got questions…

I’ve got some answers! Let’s go to the mail bag to answer some questions.

Do you have a name yet? Nope.  We’ve got it narrowed down, but there is still some debate as to the actual name.  We probably won’t decide until Donut is present and accounted for.

What’s missing from the nursery besides Baby R? Since our bedroom is the temporary nursery, there’s not a lot here.  We have a bassinet (the crib will come later when he moves out) and all the “stuff” to keep a baby for the time being.  There’s really not a lot missing, it’s mostly down to fun stuff. Stuff like bath toys, music, chocolate (oh wait, that’s for me) and a dresser.  We could really use a place to store all this stuff we already have.

Can knitting be placed on top of Donut without falling? I’m assuming this means on my belly.  Why yes, yes it can.

Is your bag packed yet? I have 2.  One for delivery and one for after.  The only thing missing from both right now is the camera, a pillow, and more snacks for daddy.  It’s a good thing we live so close to the hospital.

How is Baby Schillio? A delightfully cheerful little fellow.  He is now crawling and chasing Tess-Doggy all around the house at the speed of lightning.  Tess thinks it’s quite the fun game.  Especially when she gets to lick the remains of lunch from his face.

Is the baby here yet? Nope.

Can I come out to visit? Of course you can.  But the longer you wait, the better chance you have of coming when there’s a baby and not just a giant lump of a belly.  However, don’t let that stop you.  You are welcome to visit anytime. Just remember, I may put you to work cleaning out a closet.  There are several I would like cleaned out and reorganized. If you bring me chocolate chip cookies, you may get to skip the closet cleaning part of the visit.

Is he here yet? Don’t be so impatient.  If I can wait this out, so can you!

Baby Watch 09: 6 days to go. All’s quiet.

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