As in Due Day.

There are still 9 hours left to get this party started.

Not a whole lot is happening so far.  I have been crafting. I have been “hanging” as my midwife has told me to do.  I’m planning an outing later this evening that may or may not involve bowling.

I’ve gotten a myriad of suggestions from friends, including (but not limited to): eating pineapple, raking leaves, playing on the teeter-totter, jumping up and down, smacking my belly like a ketchup bottle, pruning above my head, scrubbing the floors on my hands and knees, prayer, or eating hot wings.

I’m all for the hot wings suggestion.  But I’ll bet I can get some other family members to go outside for a walk with me too.

Will keep everyone posted on the upcoming arrival of Donut Rimes.

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