Things to do while waiting for a baby brother (part 3)

*Go to Ivelise’s yearly Thanksgiving sale!

I definitely picked up some goodies today.  Along with some Happy Feet sock yarn and size 4 needles (I know, I can’t believe I didn’t have any either), I picked up a copy of Tops and Toes: my new favorite Christmas knitting book.

*Go eat some hot wings.

Yummy.  Some spicy, some not, but either way, a good start to heartburn this evening.

*Make a hat for a new little brother.

This is an umbilical cord hat from SnB: one of my other favorite knitting books ever written.

donut's hat

Mr. Mouse is here to help show it off. At least until Miss R came by and decided the Mr. Mouse didn’t want to wear a hat anymore.  Then, he was hatless.

Baby Watch 09: -1 days left.  I’m not stressing yet, but the contractions could stop anytime.  Or else get serious and accomplish something more than make my belly sore.

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