Week 41

Just in case you are not “in the loop” on the baby situation, here’s a quick update.  We are now past one week late, with nothing exceptional happening.  The midwife would like to induce next Monday if he doesn’t show up on his own before then.  After a thorough check-up, Donut is doing fine, there’s no stress or any other reason to hurry the process, so in he stays for a few more days. I’m not too stressed about it, although there are moments when I would really like to scoop him out RIGHT NOW, but those pass and I’m ok with the waiting.  Besides, I’ve gotten more crafting and cleaning done in the last 2 weeks than I would have if he was here with us now. (there’s always a sunny side, right?)

It looks like he’ll be a December baby now.  Which means, he’ll be one of the oldest when he starts school, it may snow on his birthday, it’s not too close to another holiday that he’ll have to share, and he’ll still get to wear all the super cute Christmas outfits that everyone got him!

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