Rocket Man

baby rocketman

Cutest baby slippers EVER!


They crinkle, and have little ribbons coming out the back and are just so silly!  Of course, Donut doesn’t like to wear shoes.  They cramp his style, man.  He likes to kick them off and go barefoot.  But in this house, it’s just too cold.

baby smiles

See? that’s how much he loves his rocket shoes!  Or maybe he just kicked them off and was thinking, “haha Mama, I got them off AGAIN!” Either way, that is one cute grin, dude.

Speaking of happy smiling babies, this little guy has just mastered the smile and giggles.  Of course, his favorite time to really get silly is at 4:30 am.  He was giggling and squealing and having a grand ol’ time this morning.  Mommy and Daddy were not impressed.  He couldnt figure out why we kept plugging him with a paci.  Even though it was so early, it’s still a hoot to hear him make those noises.  It’s much better than the, “I’m so tired and can’t sleep,” wail.  Although, even that’s not as bad as Miss R’s wailing when she was that size.

And, speaking of size…he’s 6 weeks old today.  He now comes in at a whopping 12+ pounds.  That is one big baby.  I think Miss R didn’t hit 12 pounds until she was 6 months.  I think we’ve got a big one here!

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