Daddy Rimes Back in Geneva (and my computer hates it)

It’s late July, the humidity in Michigan is stifling, and families everywhere across the Northern Hemisphere are vacationing in the sun. Which means Daddy Rimes is spending three weeks away from his family in the Swiss town of Geneva. Doing what you ask? Being a geek, talking about games in education, computer programming, web development/coding, and many other forms of geekery.

Why then would my computer hate all this as the title implies? Because yesterday, in an attempt to strike fear into the rest of electronic devices, I flung my laptop from my backpack onto the floor; the stone slate floor, from quite a considerable height. Apparently zipping your backpack closed is a good idea before slinging it onto your back, and while the laptop suffered quite a nasty blow, you have to give Apple a HUGE amount of credit for making such excellent hardware, and then wrapping it with a sturdy aluminum shell. Thus far, my laptop has continued to function admirably, and I have my fingers crossed that all of the damage is purely cosmetic.

Piggie has full faith that my laptop will continue to perform above and beyond it’s normal call of duty given it’s harsh treatment.

3 thoughts on “Daddy Rimes Back in Geneva (and my computer hates it)

  1. Wow! Nice scars! Glad you made it in one piece and suffered less than the laptop.

  2. Oragina for breakfast, huh? Nice laptop. Glad it wasn’t the school’s. As for mine, I think the baby may have won. My charger is back to just powering the computer, not charging. grrr.

  3. Orangina was the only citrus based beverage they had available at the little cafe inside the secure zone at Charles De-Gaulle :)

    And I’m thinking of putting some spraypaint and caution tape on my laptop to let people know that it’s a work in progress.

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