Piggie Pigs Out!

Daddy Rimes has been trying to live a bit more frugally than I did last year while in Geneva, and thus I’ve been eating my own homemade dinner of delicious cured meats, yogurt, and other goodies from the fancy French supermarket nearby. That is, until Wednesday evening, when I just couldn’t take another homemade sandwich. So piggie and I ventured out with a group of people from the grad program, and headed out to Fifty-Fifty, one of the BEST Italian restaurants in Geneva. The Pizza Capricciosa was fantastic, complete with the fried egg in the middle, but piggie thought the Salade Nicoise was quite delectable.

The gruff-voiced owner was even nice enough to bring a special ice cream treat for piggie, complete with a cute little cowboy hat. On the way home, piggie felt like it would be fun to play some pool, so we stopped at a local sports bar (plastered with Spanish flags from the recent World Cup victory), and played a game of billiards while enjoying a nightcap.

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