Rejected Christmas Cards

Some years, our Christmas cards are given, like in 2009 when we had a brand new baby to show off, or the year we captured a little Miss R hanging ornaments and it was the only picture that wasn’t blurry.  Other years, we try so hard to come up with something clever/cute/funny/Christmas-y that we have a hard time picking out a good one.

Here are a couple of this year’s rejects.

Just a little too dark, I think.

(Disclaimer: the boy climbs in there all by himself with no prompting whatsoever and likes the door closed.  He likes it in there, really.)

Ben says this one is just too corny.  Plus only a few select friends and family would “get it.”

(The inside joke is that I can only hear clearly out of one ear.  This was one of my dad’s pieces, and he couldn’t hear either.)

The more important part of this joke is that my dad would have found it hilarious.  I’m still holding out for this one.


Want to see the final choice?  Well, you will just have to wait until I get them back from the printer.  Then, you’ll have to wait until I finally mail them out.  You’ll probably get it by New Year’s.



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