DS106: An Adventure in Storytelling

Ben has finally done it.  He’s convinced me to take this crazy class online.  It’s a for real class at a university, and it’s offered free to anyone online who wants to jump in and join the chaos.  I’ve watched Ben for almost a year, live, breathe, and try to explain DS106.  Sometimes it’s humorous and I jump right in to the assignments with him, and sometimes I get so lost in attempts at keeping me up to date with the insanity that the students and teachers take on with their role playing that I just throw up my hands and go knit something.

But this semester, I’m giving it a try.  My favorite activity so far has been the Daily Create.  It’s a take on the Daily Shoot wherein they give you a suggestion for the day, and you attempt to make something that vaguely follows the rules.  Today’s assignment: Take an extreme close up of an easily recognizable object.  I tried several times, and failed at what I thought would be a clever picture.

Here’s a close up of a dead plant in the backyard among the snow.  Ok, but not terribly interesting.

Here’s one of the yarn I spun. I like to take photos of yarn, but my camera lens is just not up to it.  Too much light, too little light, not close enough to really see the fibers.

I took a few of other random objects, oranges, cookies, shoes, but nothing really spectacular.

Then, I took this one of the book I’m reading.

This one could have been totally boring, except for the fact that the winter light coming through my bedroom window is making a nifty shadow on it.

The idea of looking at something so close up is not new, I do it all the time with kids in the art room. The only difference is trying to capture it with a camera rather than drawing it.

While I still “don’t get” DS106, I’m really digging the Daily Create.  This week we start actual projects in addition to the Daily Create and I’m wondering what is on the horizon.


One thought on “DS106: An Adventure in Storytelling

  1. Interesting, will follow this. Not ready for prime time, but happy to arm-chair with favorite beverage. (:

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