Lights! Camera! Widget!

You may have noticed a new look to the site. This week’s DS106 assignment was to mess with your website. I’m sure they put it much more elegantly over there, but to summarize, it was mess with your website. So last night, I sat down and did some messin’ here. A new banner with my own photograph helps a bit. I’ll have to get a few more into the rotation. As much as I love the light show image, I think I’d like some more color here.
I also played with the widgets a bit over on the sidebar. There is some Twitter thing happening over there. I attempted to play with my flickr photos as well with a widget happily titled, “Hey, It’s a Flickr Widget!” However, it’s not playing well with others now, so it may have to be dumped for something more grown up. But really, it makes me sad that HIAFW would have to go, because, dudes, that’s a great name for a widget.
In other news, the latest Daily Create photo assignment was kind of fun. The description was to take a picture of raw materials next to a finished product.

This is a basket of some fun roving from various locations, a spun bobbin of some merino and finished yarn from Pumpkinhaus Fibers and some Funky Carolina tidbits.  Those two finished yarns will be knit into a sweater very soon.  Maybe I’ll even finish it this winter in time to wear it.

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