4 Icon Challenge

I decided to start my DS106 assignments with this challenge because ever since Ben did it, I wanted to make (a better) one.  I’m not sure I succeeded, but it is 4 icons from one of my favorite movies of all time.

I created this in Adobe Illustrator.  It was my first time playing with Ai, and I kind of like it.  I’m much more used to drawing my ideas with crayons and markers and the extra added challenge of trying to create a graphic completely on the computer was fun and frustrating.

So, what movie is it?

6 thoughts on “4 Icon Challenge

  1. I have no idea what film this is, which makes me sad. But I love the fact that this is the first 4 icon challenge for the Spring 2012 semester, may there be many, many more. I love this assignment.

  2. Jim, you make me so sad that you don’t recognize this one! Kristina, you got it with the first guess.

  3. And here I thought it had something to do with Cinderella and her prince and the clock (okay, so it’s not showing midnight) and the philosophical maze of her emotions! Too much thought probably!

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