My New Band

I just started a new band (don’t worry, I’m totally not the lead singer….I get to play the drums*) and we needed a new album cover.

Of course, we also needed a band name, but that’s another story. No, you really don’t want to hear about this.  Ok, if you insist. What we did was a random search on wikipedia and came up with the brilliant, if a little dated, name of “Horn Rimmed Glasses.” The guy who plays the cowbell liked it because it was a little bit 50s with a little bit of hipster.  Perfect.

Next, we needed a good title.  After much deliberation and a few oreo milkshakes, we decided to go for something a little bit more cerebral.  We picked a quote from Da Vinci, and the last few words were “powerless to vex your mind.” It felt a little ska, but a swing band named Horn Rimmed Glasses could rock that too, right?

Then, our PR guy suggested that we actually put this whole thing together with some cover art.  Well, the keyboardist’s daughter drew some really nice rainbows and puppies with her Crayolas, but that just didn’t jive with our new sound, so we went to flickr where we chose a photo at random that was listed as creative commons (because, you know, that’s not cool to steal other people’s art). After a few hours (ok, minutes) of manipulating those three items in the ol’ Photoshop, we got our album cover.

Pretty nifty, huh?

So that’s the story of our band.  Please don’t ask for any samples of our music, because we shouldn’t let anyone hear that.  It ain’t pretty.

*I don’t have any formal training with actually playing the drums, but knitting uses two sticks, so how hard can it be?

One thought on “My New Band

  1. What’s more awesome than wanting to listen to this band? The fact that you made a killer album cover that has a very 80s vibe to it!

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