Tea, Toast, and Kitty

“The latest bizarre trend blowing up Facebook mini-feeds everywhere? Cat Breading. (Think LOLcats, but with a trippy twist—each adorable kitten has been adorned with a slice of bread, which encases their little feline face.)”

This cute Kitty is the victim of yet another Cat Breading.

Want to create your own breaded cat?  There are two options.

Option 1: Get a cat, get a piece of bread (the higher quality artisan breads are nice, but not necessary-Wonder Bread will do) and get your camera ready.  Cut a small hole into the slice of bread, not too big, you want it to be snug.  Now catch the cat and stick the bread on the cat. This step may take awhile, but don’t give up! You will want to have your camera in your hand and snap that picture before your subject stalks away indignantly. You should be prepared to be ignored by your cat for some time after this incident occurs. But don’t worry, you made some great art!

Option 2: Find a kitty on the internet.  Find a slice of bread on the internet.  Using your favorite art software (I used Photoshop) carefully cut out the slice of bread and kitty’s face.  I used the magnetic lasso tool for simplicity.  After cutting and pasting into a new layer, place the bread over the top of kitty’s face. Adjust the size as necessary to ensure a good fit.  Carefully cut and paste kitty’s head over the bread on a third layer.  Fuss with the placement until your kitty’s head is placed in the middle of the bread where his head used to be.  I used a blur tool around the edges of Mr. Kitty’s face in order to help him blend in with the bread.  I recommend this method if you really like your cat and don’t wish to be snubbed by him (or her) for at least a week.

No cats were harmed in the creation of this post.

3 thoughts on “Tea, Toast, and Kitty

  1. I’m totally not getting the whole cat-breading movement, but this is strangely adorable, and your write up made me chuckle, nice work!

    It’s a cat…with a piece of bread around it….so strange :)

  2. Alan, I’m so happy to know where this came from. I seriously thought it was something Jim made up just to see how many people he could fool into creating a bread-cat!

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