We’re Flipping Out

Today, my 3rd and 4th graders were working on flip books.  We made some very silly ones. There was an elephant that squashed chocolate mice, a girl that flipped over, a race car, a growing flower, a juggler, and a guy trying to cook hot dogs over a campfire.

That last one was mine. Want to see it?

This was inspired by the Daily Create project for today. The original idea was to record something cooking.  Since I was already doing the flip books, I thought I’d animate something cooking.

A quick lesson in creating a flip book: cut some heavy drawing paper to a nice neat size (ours are 4.5×3 inches) and staple about 20 of them together at the top.  Starting at the last page, draw a simple image.  Lay the next page down over the top and redraw your image slightly differently. You’ll be able to see through the paper just enough to figure out where your next image should be.  Repeat until your images go where you want them to be on the last page.  Hold at the top (staple side) and flip!

Helpful hints: Don’t draw anything more than halfway up the page.  You won’t see it when you flip the pages.  If you are unsure of where to start, draw a bouncing ball.  Move it a little, or move it a lot.  Small movements will be a slower speed and larger movements will show a faster bouncing ball.  Keep it simple! Detailed drawings will be hard to recreate.  Stick people are welcome!

And the most important tip: When stapling the pages, make sure that one edge of your paper all lines up.  Staple the OTHER edge.  This will make it much easier to flip.

Happy flipping!

*A special thanks to Nathan who did the filming for me so I could use both hands to flip the pages. You rock!

One thought on “We’re Flipping Out

  1. Can I just say how ADORABLE that flipbook is…so cute! I remember doing a similar project like this in elementary school too! This is such a fun idea to have the kids do and I wonder, as a future adolescent English teacher, if there’s a way I can incorporate something like this into my own classroom someday. Maybe something more advanced and fun for say, 9th graders to enjoy, because I know students of any age, even myself, love to do arts and crafty type projects. It would also be a great brain-break from all the academic static stuff we’re required to teach.

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