Journey of Love

I was asked to do a drawing for the church bulletin for this week.  The week’s theme is “Journey of Love” ad the sermon title is “Heart of Love.”

When I think of a journey, I think of putting on some good walking shoes and putting one foot in front of another, so here’s a shoe print with an icon of a heart and an arrow to point the way.

A very simple image, but I had to learn how to do a text arc.  You really can learn how to do anything online.  I’m not really sure why we need teachers anymore.  Oh wait…  because kids would have no idea how to do a search.

Which reminds me, I heard an interesting story on NPR this morning that Encyclopedia Brittanica will officially no longer print encyclopedias.  So I guess if you have a set lying around somewhere, you should hang on to them for a while, they might be worth some shiny pennies one day.

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