One Day in 60 Seconds

Yesterday morning, I got up and had this brilliant idea. I wonder if I can make a video of our ENTIRE day and condense it down to 1 minute?  But how?

I was inspired by a video that took 2 months of vacation time and condensed it to 1 second video of all the activities into just over 1 minute.  It was brilliant.  I started taking 1 second worth of video of the kids.  They just sat there.

Let’s go to the beach!!!  Now we’re talking!  Then, the rest of the day just played itself out and I had to remember to keep getting video.  There was a couple of hours in the afternoon that I missed because I was all worn out and took a nap.

It was definitely tricky getting 60 separate events throughout the day without making it seem too staged.  I finally decided that I should just get video of what we normally do without going too far out of my way to get something “fantastic.”

The editing took just short of forever.  My 1 second clips were all between 1.2 and 1.5 seconds, so I had to use the clip trimmer to get them all down to exactly 1 second.  ONE at a TIME. Then, I just ran all the video together in order and hit play.


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