Baby Rimes was baptised this weekend. She had her beautiful pink party dress on (compliments of Grandma and her sewing machine), her new pink shoes, and her big floppy pink hat. She was so excited that she didn’t even take a nap before church. She sat with Grandpa and sang the hymns-after everyone else had finished. She played peek-a-boo with the nice ladies behind us. She even screamed her “amens.”

But as soon as she was the center of attention, she was out cold. Not just a little bit sleepy, we’re talking a limp noodle. Pastor Wade held her limp body and drooping head while he performed the entire ceremony to a sleeping baby and her proud family. The only time she even stirred was when he put the handful of water on her head-and even then, she was only awake for a split second before drifting back off.

She awoke in time for a celebratory lunch with grandma, grandpa, mom, dad, and her fabulous godparents. She had cheerios.

2 thoughts on “Baptism

  1. That’s awesome. Better than a screaming baby – which is probably what usually happens! :) I’d love to see the pictures.

  2. We’ll have pictures up by the weekend. Sorry for not posting any recently, but you’ll know why after my next post :)

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