Snow Biking

I told her: I don’t think this will work.

She said: BUT MOMMMIE!

I told her: It’s going to be hard work.

She said: Mommeeee! I wanna go ride in the snow!

I told her: I’m not pushing you back.

She said: Ok. I go ride in the snow now.


And she proved to me that she really could ride a bike in the snow.

Although, we didn’t get further than 2 houses away.


But boy oh boy did she have a good time. The snow caked up a bit on the wheels. And our pants were a little wet on our knees. And the sidewalk was icy.

And yet we still pedaled and pushed our way through the snow.


2 thoughts on “Snow Biking

  1. Looks like fun!!

    Next time you’ll have to tell her that it will work better if she shovels the snow first (like that TV commercial), that way she’ll be super tired from shovelling and riding!

  2. I’ll have to try that next time! Anything that tires out a 2 year old is a good thing.

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