Hospital Shoes


While we were out Saturday night, enjoying ourselves with Gramma and Grampa’s tickets, Grampa got a ride to the hospital in an ambulance. Miss R spent about 4 hours in the emergency room with Gramma and Uncle Jon waiting for test results to come back for Grampa.

Grampa ended up having a mini stroke (at least that’s what they are calling it for those of us with little medical vocabulary). He is having a difficult time forming words and his left side is pretty numb/painful. He has been waiting all weekend for an MRI test. We won’t know until sometime on Monday if it is a clot and how bad it is.

On Sunday, he was sitting up for brief moments and talking in one word answers occasionally. He even managed a sentence or two throughout the day.

Keep Grampa in your thoughts today as he goes through his tests and all that a long hospital stay includes.

And don’t worry about Miss R. She is hardly traumatized by the whole thing and keeps telling us to “go get Grampa off his cot so he can play.” She doesn’t understand that Grampa probably won’t be able to play for a while yet, but that doesn’t stop her from telling us all about how he got to ride in the “ambalance” and go to the “hostibal” and lay on his “cot.”

I’ll let you know more when I find out.

2 thoughts on “Hospital Shoes

  1. Any news? I hope he’s feeling better soon. I’ve been reading the For Better or For Worse comics for ages and the past few months have been about the Grampa going through a stroke and his recovery. Doesn’t sound humorous does it? There are some moments but more than anything it just seems like a long road.

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