Long Weekend

Besides my really long Sunday morning, most of this weekend has been spent sort of lounging around and being sick. Miss R and I are taking a sick day today. We are both floating around 100 degrees, so we’re hanging here watching Dora and Sesame Street today.

I suppose I should catch up on some shoe pictures today.

Saturdays shoes went to a basketball game.


Several of my students are on a youth basketball league so I spent some time at the Middle School watching them play.

Sunday shoes had to battle Potty training and Church and then a few naps.


Monday shoes. Well, Monday didn’t really have shoes. Here we have my third and final pair of slippers from Christmas.


Here we are watching Sesame Street with Miss R.  We both got to stay home with fevers and a case of the winter ick.  After much catching up on my favorite children’s TV shows and a few naps, Miss R is feeling much better. Mommy, however is fighting off a sinus infection. Spring can’t come soon enough.

2 thoughts on “Long Weekend

  1. Hope you feel better! Drink lots of hot tea with honey, chicken noodle soup, orange juice… and a neti pot is supposed to really help if you’re brave enough. Maybe Ben could pick one up for you at Walgreens.

  2. Ahh… don’t forget your corn bag for snuggling. Hope you feel better… I think I’ve got nearly the same thing… sniffle-snuffle.

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