Miss R is taking swim lessons. We signed up at the Y with our friend Jennifer and baby Abbi.

Miss R did not like the water at first. She clung to Mommy or Daddy (usually Daddy, he was taller and further out of the water) for dear life and did NOT want to blow bubbles, or kick her feet, or splash her hands.

After the first 15 minutes, she saw the big kids on the other side of the pool kicking their feet. “Look Mommy! They’re swimming!”

She got the idea fast.

But the water was a bit cold, and with absolutely ZERO body fat, she was cold.

Do you see those lips? I think they were the same color as her swim suit.

As soon as we got out of the pool and dressed in about 7 layers of clothes and she stopped shivering, we asked, “what did you think about swimming?”

“I want to play basketball at the Y.”

One thought on “Swimmy!

  1. Cute! Swimming is a good thing to know living right next to such a large body of water. Maybe she just needs to practice in a warm bathtub. :)

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