That is the number of days I have left to come to school before summer vacation starts. (It also happens to be just how cold it was this morning when I woke up.)

I got thinking about that this morning.  You know, as a student, I always counted down the days until school was out.  I usually started around May, so there were less than a month’s worth of days to count.  And, as a student, I never really thought about the teachers counting down as well.  Either, I didn’t think about the teachers at all, or else I thought they were all out to get us and throw as much work as they could at us before we left.  I think those teachers were actually disappointed  that school would be out soon. Not once, not even a teeny bit, did I think about those teachers secretly counting down the days with us and thinking, “only 6 more Mondays.”

Now that I’m a teacher, I have spring-itis just as bad as my kids (if not worse).  I am so looking forward to spending some time in my garden, playing with Miss R, taking my summer classes, and catching up on all my reading.  Not to mention the countless crafts, baked goodies, and other sorts of things I can make all summer when my time is not dictated by a rigid schedule.

I think I’m most looking forward to spending the summer with an almost 3 year old Miss R.  She is starting to really enjoy art-ing, and LOVES to play outside and take walks at Sarrett Nature Center.  On most days, I’m so rushed to get something done, that I don’t take the time to take a walk, and look around at what’s going on in the neighborhood.  Sure, we take lots of walks together, but generally I have one eye on her, and the rest of my thoughts are about what to make for dinner, or what kind of lesson I can generate for my kids to learn about the color wheel or some other grown-up type thoughts.

But, with the summer coming, and no obligations (besides summer classes), I’m looking forward to taking the time and not worrying about whether everything gets done by Monday morning or not.  Plus, just thinking about the summer coming means that most projects can wait, and if they can wait, then Miss R can show me how wonderful it is to look around and enjoy the flowers and sidewalk chalk, the sunny skies, and picnics.

Hooray for summer!

(Boo for cold weather! Did I mention the weather man said it might SNOW overnight?  That’s not very summer-y or even spring-y.)

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  1. I almost thought about being a teacher for that very reason – having three months vacation every year.

    It was “cold” here yesterday too… I had to laugh that people were complaining that it was only 62 and that it felt like it was still winter. :) They have no clue.

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