Splish Splash!

We’ve now been to 4 swimming classes at the Y.  No, I don’t have any pictures.  I was too busy playing with my little fishy!

Miss R is so confident in the pool, that they moved her mid-session up to the next swim group.  It’s a bit later in the evening, but she does so much more swimming.  Last night, she swam all the way across the pool with Mommy and Daddy.  That’s to the deep end, folks.  Way to go Miss R! (Oh yeah, she had on one of those little swim bubbles, so she had a little bit of help)  When she got to the deep end, she crawled right out, and attempted to jump off the diving blocks.  We discouraged that, and instead, she jumped in while holding Mommy’s hands.  Then, swam all the way back to the shallow end.

That was a lot of swimming.

By the end of the class, Daddy even had her jumping in all by herself.  She goes right under and comes up sputtering, but there are no tears and absolutely no fear.  She just gets right back out and does it again.

Hooray Miss R.  I’m so excited for this summer.  She’ll be so much more confident at the beach and when we visit our friends with pools.

3 thoughts on “Splish Splash!

  1. Wow! That’s amazing! I remember vivid images of “Jaws” when I was at my swimming lessons… the funny thing though, it just made me swim faster. :)

  2. WOW. I’m SO proud of Miss R. I remember you learning to ‘swim’ at the lake with Debbie and Wendy with your “bubble”.. and in the pool with my cousin Sandy. I bet she gets VERY tired after all that exertion. Sleep tight little fishy.

  3. yeah right! I remember that one picture of me in a t-shirt and shorts with that hard plastic bubble on. Miss R’s is a much nicer inflatable bubble, so we can deflate it as she gets better, plus it doesn’t hit her in the back of her head when she tries to swim (well, at least it doesn’t hurt!)

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