Princess Party Planning

Try saying that 5 times fast :)

It’s to be princess for this year.  Daddy isn’t thrilled, but Miss R is positively tickled that she gets to plan a party all for herself.  She has even dictated food for this event.  Like the chocolate crown cake that will have blue frosting and sugar cones around the top for the top of the crown.  The kid knows what she wants.

Oh, and the princess party will be BLUE not PINK.  This has befuddled Daddy to no end, but I figure the less pink I have around here, the more the little boys will be enjoying themselves.  There will be Royal Basketball (with a very short net), wand decorating (sugar cookies on sticks), and Castle Building (in the sand table).

I’ve been looking online for party ideas, and some of these parents are either crazy or millionaires to throw these kinds of parties for their kids.  I mean, the extent of decorating the yard will be to put up the canopy and put some tulle hanging from the corners, and maybe I’ll put some streamers on the umbrella to dangle and look frilly. All of which will be recycled from prom last year at my school (they were just going to throw out about 4 bolts of red and silver tulle! can you believe it?! so, of course I rescued it, and have been making tutus and wings and all sorts of crazy things from it since).

However, the hats are my favorite.  It’s totally not a birthday party without hats.  So, all the little girls (and big girls too!) will get a crown with ribbons.  I’ll try to post a how-to with pictures later this week.

Miss R has been a very big help with the party so far.  She knows what she wants, and is totally willing to help me make all these crazy things.  Tonight was the crowns, tomorrow it’s cardboard shields for the boys.

One thought on “Princess Party Planning

  1. Cinderella and Sleeping Beauty were at times both blue princesses… so maybe that’s why. Consider blue food colouring added to milk for a special princess drink.

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