Miss R: Mommy look at the airplane!

(points up in the sky)

Mommy: I see it.  It’s high up, isn’t it?

Miss R: mmmm.  Yes.  And there must be little people on that airplane.

Mommy: Yes, there probably are little people on the plane.  There are probably some big people on that plane too.

Miss R: No.  It’s too small for big people.  Only little people will fit.

I just love the logic of that comment.  Seen from the ground where we were, it was a very small plane.  And big people would definitely not fit on such a small plane for sure.  We’ll have to plan a field trip to visit a real plane soon so she can see just how big an airplane really is.

2 thoughts on “Overheard

  1. You should come visit us! Then we could go to the Air & Space Museum… there’s two of them with lots of airplanes and space crafts. Tons of fun!

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