Happy Birthday Stephanie!

I know I’m a day late.  There’s a really good story behind it.

Yesterday, I looked at the date, and while coloring self-portraits with my kids during my 11 am class, I thought, HEY! I should call Stephanie and have all my kids sing her happy birthday!  So I get out my phone and start looking through it for her number.  Wouldn’t you know it.  I don’t have her number.

So I call Mom.  Hey! I need Stephanie’s number! It’s her birthday, I want to give her a call!  All on voicemail.  Rats.

So, Mom calls back and I get her number jotted down on a sticky note this morning during my rowdy 5th grade class, and promise to call Stephanie with a belated birthday song.  Of course, all sorts of chaos ensues, there’s a fire drill, and then, poof, it’s the end of the day.  I get home and think HEY! I should call Stephanie now!  Where’s that sticky note?

Oh yeah.  On MY DESK!

So Stephanie.  I give up.  The art room gnomes have plotted against me to call you on your birthday.  Or even close to your birthday.

Instead, I give you this;

Your all time favorite food group: APPLESAUCE!  The next time I see you, I owe you a few jars of homemade, cinnamon and sugar, applesauce.

See? It’s even got your name on it!

Happy 22nd birthday!

3 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Stephanie!

  1. thank you lovely sister of mine!

    I was sad this morning when I realized I didn’t get my favorite niece saying “Happy Birthday Aunt Sesame!”

    but I’ll deal with a jar of my favorite applesauce ;)

  2. CAKE! Yes, We shall make an APPLESAUCE cake for Stephanie’s birthday!!

    I tried to trick her by calling a day early – but she didn’t fall for it.

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