Oh Baby

Nicole pointed out that I had forgotten to mention the due date of this new little person.  Well, let me fix that.

This baby (who does not have a name or a gender yet) will be a May baby, with the hopes of arriving around the 18th.  This means, that I will only have to miss the last few weeks of school, and then will have the entire summer to enjoy with my 2 beautiful children.

For now, I’m 3 months along, and getting bigger than my jeans.  And this one is much bigger than I was last time.  As my wonderful husband said to me yesterday, “I can see the bottom of your belly button!”  Apparently, this is pretty normal for a second baby.

And nope, I’m not posting any pictures of my fat little belly just yet.  You’ll just have to wait until it looks pregnant and not just like a spare tire.

Hope everyone has a great weekend!  Go eat a bagel for me.  Don’t forget the cream cheese.

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