Sick day plus Knitting

This collosal thing has landed itself in my head and won’t go away.  It is creeping into my sinus cavities and down into my throat.  And I can’t take any of the good drugs to make it go away. So I stayed home and slept today.  Oh, and watched House on Hulu until I fell asleep.

Then I got up. I can’t say I was a very productive member of society today, but I at least did some dishes and some laundry.

I also knit.  Not a lot, but a little bit.  Enough to finish a little project I was working on.

This is a teeny tiny little bag I made as an example for class.  It’s a bit more purple in real life, but oh well.  It was a quick picture.  A couple of my 7th grade girls have taken up knitting during their lunch period on Fridays with me.  They wanted to try something more difficult than scarves, so we are giving this little guy a try.  It’s basically a fat rectangle that is then sewn together and a button.  Cute.

At my knitting night, Emily made me giggle.  She was making BigFoot slippers.

I know you can’t really tell, but that slipper is over 15 inches long!  She will eventually felt them, but it didn’t stop me from giggling at them every now and then.  I probably could have fit both of my feet in there and still had wiggle room.

I’m off to bed to fight off the raging thing in my head and hope that tomorrow will be a better day.

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