The End

This is it.  The last post of NaBloPoMo, and I’ve made it! All 30 days have at least a word or two about the everyday occurances in the Rimes house.  Of course, not all of it was worth reading, but it’s there.

I contemplated ending this month with a very simple “HA HA! I win!” but thought better of it and decided to post some actual substance today.  But no pictures.  Because pictures are just beyond me right now.

I thought I would post about some endings today.

Today was the ending of all things fall in our house.  Except the giant Wolf Pumpkin that has taken over my fireplace-he’s too big for me to move by myself.  It was also the ending of Fall outside; it snowed all day.  They were big giant flakes and were so, so beautiful.  Not a single photograph could capture the giant flakes.  Oh well.

Today was also the end of the leftovers in our fridge.  The pumpkin pie didn’t stand a chance.

Today was the end of my skinny pants.  Nothing fits around this belly, and I’m only 4 months along.  It’s a good thing I bought that BellaBand and it helps (a little) to hold up my pants that don’t fit.

Today, we watched the ending of Cinderella.  The Rodgers and Hammerstein-Brandy and Whitney Houston version.  We started watching it yesterday, and had to finish it up.  Good news, the slipper fits and they live happily every after.  Miss R was thrilled that it ended the “right way.”  She also loved the fact that she got wear “the gown of her dreams!”  That kid is such a drama queen.

It is also the end of the weekend, a very nice loOOOong weekend, and we will all be thrust back into reality tomorrow.

Tomorrow, we shall have some new beginnings.  Like, December, and all it’s wintry goodness.  And it’s a Monday, so it’s the beginning of another week.  And also, I get to open a brand new box of Kix.  It’s the little things in life that get you through, you know?

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