Thanksgiving Turkey

I know I didn’t really post any good pictures of Thanksgiving.  I also know it’s almost a week later.  Too bad.

I’m going to post them anyway.

Why is Aunt Deb giggling uncontrollably?

Because she has her hand up a turkey’s bum.

I know it’s slightly disturbing, but there’s a great story behind this!  This is the first year that Aunt Deb has hosted Thanksgiving in more years than she can remember.  Which means, that she hasn’t had to stick her hand up a turkey’s bum in, oh, a whole bunch of Thanksgivings.  So, when she said she was going to clean out the turkey, and then made the most delicious icky face, I grabbed the camera.

By the way, dinner was fantastic.  Especially the turkey and the sweet potatoes.  Oh, and the pumpkin roll.  I love a good pumpkin roll.  And the leftover turkey sandwiches were great.  I think we need more occasions for cooking way too much turkey so we have leftover turkey sandwiches.

After dinner, we did our little Christmas gathering.  Miss R played Santa and handed out the gifts.  She took her job very seriously, and everyone got their gifts.  Miss R got some very pink things.  Like a princess tent.

And then Daddy tried to help set up Miss R’s new Princess tent.  I think he’s too big.

She also got a Cinderella dress.  I couldn’t get a picture of her in the dress though, because she was twirling so fast, every photo came out looking like a big blue blur with a streak of yellow hair flying out behind her.

All in all, a great weekend with family in Indianapolis.  Can’t wait for Christmas!

2 thoughts on “Thanksgiving Turkey

  1. Oh my goodness… a Princess Tent AND a dress? my oh my Miss R… Shall we dress up Bubba so that you can ride off to find your frog? You could keep the frog safe (no kissing, you are too young) for about, oh, say, 25 years or until Daddy Rimes let’s you date. : )

    Happy Princess dreams!! Great photo of Aunt Deb!!

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